Coachella 2015: Recap

Written & Photographed by Jody Tiongco


If you didn’t go to Coachella either weekend then you missed out on some amazing art, music, fashion… and let’s not forget Drake and Madonna’s crazy make-out session, or Yeezus taking the stage with the Weekend. Nonetheless, we’re here to provide you with some in-site if you missed out… from our perspective.

My group and I had been planning this trip since the day we got our tickets.  We went weekend one so we counted down the days until April 10th.  We arrived on Thursday so we had plenty of time to rest and prepare ourselves for Day 1.  For most of our group it was our first time so we were beyond excited.

When the day finally came we left our hotel room at 2pm and arrived at the Coachella Parking lot at 2:30pm.  The parking lot itself seemed pretty tame and open (However, by the end of the day the parking lot was a disaster with no one directing traffic and tired festival goers it was almost impossible to leave).

We parked at lot 1B so we had to walk the “Yellow” pathway which was roughly a mile of dirt, grass, and asphalt. At the halfway mark we could feel the vibrations of the speakers rumbling beneath our feet.  The excitement was overwhelming and the joyous sounds of people screaming, “Coachella” rang through the air.



After multiple checkpoints we finally reach the final bag-check and scanner entrance.  We could see the large ferris wheel reaching up to the sky along with chains of balloons that moved along with the wind… We were finally here. After a whole year of stress and excitement we finally arrived at Coachella.



The grounds felt massive as the warm sun hit our backs.  It was hard to decide where to start as you can visually see and hear the sounds of music coming from different directions.  Colorful and massive artworks were everywhere giving tons of opportunities for photos.  We didn’t know where to start, but we headed over to the “Sahara” tent to watch Keys N Krates.  After the set ended we walked all over the grounds to see all the artwork while we waited to see the next artist.


As the sun set we cruised over to the Heineken Beer Gardens to the left of the Coachella Main Stage.  AC/DC was preparing to take the stage.  30 min before the show even started an ocean of people had already begun to cover the entire field.


After AC/DC we ran over back to the Sahara tent to watch Alesso perform.  To our surprise he invited Ryan Tedder from One Republic to join him on stage to perform “If I lose muself.”



Each day was filled with beautiful art, music, fashion, and people.  We made it a mission to spend each day seeing artist of different genres.  We saw everyone from Jai Wolf, Duke Dumont, Alesso, Florence and the Machine, Tame Impala, Flosstradamus, Drake, and everyone in between. We enjoyed the hardwork within the beauty of all the art, and took the time to try different foods from vendors and enjoy cold craft beers from all over.


On the third day the beautiful caterpillar that we saw on the main grounds had grown into an amazing butterfly. Both were created and designed by a group called the Poetic Kinetics.  What was cool and unique about them were that they traveled around Coachella. So if you used them as a “Meet-up” spot for your friends you were in trouble.


Overall the experience was one unlike any other.  We thank everyone from the cleaning crews to the artists, and even our hotel staff for all the time put into making this an experience one we will never forget.  We can’t wait until next year!


Much love,

The Haps Crew


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