Written & Photographed by Manny Ramirez


When someone hears the name Porsche, one automatically envisions a sleek, fast, elegant machine cruising down a highway or strip without an ounce of care in the world. Fuse that with the name Rauh-Welt Begriff, and you get a much more intimidating rendition of that name. Akira Nakai (the mastermind behind RWB) has his own definition of the word “Porsche”.




I arrived at Verstrasse to discover a 1995 911 sitting in the dark, exposed and encompassed by an array of RWB parts. Everything was coordinated in a graceful fashion; as if a mother had laid out her child’s outfit the night prior. As I entered the garage I felt like a puppy wandering into the wrong side of the neighborhood. I was instantly approached and asked for my credentials (this was a private event hosted by the owner) turns out that he was JM himself.



After filling my empty stomach with a slice of pizza (courtesy of JM; thanks man, I was starving) I began to examine the library of parts waiting to be mounted. The body panels and parts were scattered like bouquets of red roses while the magnificent custom made Fifteen52 wheels angled themselves upon the wall. Everyone waited anxiously for Nakai to arrive.


He was the man of the hour (or the next three days). He embarked greasy as if working on another RWB Porsche in Japan before his alarm clock reminded him about his flight to California in the next half-hour. A quiet man with a clear ambition—wasting zero time he unpacked his tools and commenced examining the Porsche. There was a brief moment in which Nakai-San and Bisi (yes Bisimoto was also present) exchanged a few words. It was quite incredible witnessing two of Porche’s biggest names shake hands and compare perspectives.




As my visit came to an end I approached JM for one last thank you. The way he handled hosting this event was immaculate—he had time for everyone whilst coordinating the preparation of the car. After promising to invite us back, I was on my way.


Stay tuned for the Medusa update pt. II.

Much Love,



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